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“moments, not models”


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Feb 16, 2024
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On the last Friday of each month I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds.

“The ability to learn from experience in the present — from moments, not models — is what is needed when the past has become a hindrance and the future is unclear.” —Gianpiero Petriglieri via Shaun Coffey

“The kind of intelligence [AI] we’re developing is very different from our intelligence. So it’s this idiot-savant kind of intelligence.”
Geoffrey Hinton

“The great merit of the capitalist system, it has been said, is that it succeeds in using the nastiest motives of nasty people for the ultimate benefit of society.” —E.A.G. Robinson (1941) via QuoteInvestigator

The opposite of “return to office” advocates isn’t “work from home” advocates. It’s a rich tapestry of “open offices are distracting” people and “I’ve never gone this long without being sick” people and “commutes are a waste of time I don’t get paid for” people and “I’m an introvert and playing house with coworkers sucks the life out of me” people and “I have a family and appreciate the flexibility” people and “I primarily communicated with coworkers through Slack anyway” people … —Mac in Philly

There is a machine
that can write articles
another machine
that can create images
and a different machine
that can produce songs
at this rate
the only thing that will be left
for humans to do
is to grieve
but I’m sure that someone
is working on a machine
that does that too.

Plague Poems

If you’re wondering what the rainbow pentagon thing is that a lot of accounts use, it’s the Fediverse logo :fediverse:

It’s a public domain / CC0 design, its original designer shared a high quality copy at https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fediverse_logo_proposal.svg

It represents all the different server types that make up the Fediverse (https://fedi.tips/what-other-kinds-of-servers-are-on-the-fediverse/)

(Note: There can be no official logo on the Fediverse as there’s no central authority to make anything official. However, this logo is by far the most widely used one.) —Fedi Tips

fediverse logo proposal — a rainbow network model
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