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asleep at the wheel


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Feb 16, 2024
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A hybrid model — working a combination of on-site and from anywhere — creates different classes of workers and maintains the wall between management and workers. Hybrid workplaces are an effort by management to hang on to power and privilege for as long as possible, I concluded in the worst of both worlds in May 2021. The next month, in not remotely working, I suggested that as — or if — this pandemic winds down, it may get difficult to attract and retain talented people unless they have a degree of control over where they spend their time, especially if competitors offer work from anywhere. This year, in 2023, I note in work is human that the taste of working from anywhere has accelerated the departure of older workers — “Dennis C. would rather retire than return to the office full time — and that’s exactly what he did.”

A recent series of surveys showed that almost half (42%) of companies with mandated return to office policies had higher than anticipated attrition, that 76% of employees will leave if flexible work is taken away, and that losing flexible work is like getting a pay cut.

If there’s one overarching theme resonating from the Greenhouse, SHED, and Unispace reports, it’s this: Companies need to embrace the wave of flexible work policies or risk being left adrift. As we set sail into the future of work, flexibility isn’t just a passing trend; it’s a necessity, the new standard. After all, the key to not just attracting talent, but retaining it, lies in one simple word: flexibility. To ignore it is like trying to run a marathon with one shoe. Possible, perhaps, but far from comfortable or efficient. —The Damaging Results of the Mandated Return to Office

Management has been asleep at the wheel.

OH — Hybrid work will lose people.
3 days in the office & 2 from anywhere
will not be good enough.Who will not agree? 
Those with families, long commutes, 
accessibility issues, people to care for, etc. It will be a good 40% of people
not happy with this.

Overheard in 2021
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