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Best Airbnb Titles: 9 Ways to Create & Attract More Booking


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Feb 16, 2024
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As potential guests scroll through numerous Airbnb listings in search of their next stay, standing out becomes essential for securing more bookings. Your Airbnb listing title, alongside your photo, serves as the initial impression, making it a critical aspect of your listing optimization strategy. Crafting great Airbnb titles is among the most effective methods to boost your bookings on Airbnb, especially with 7.7 million active Airbnb listings by 2023’s close and a solid 18% YoY rise.

In this guide, we’ve compiled best practices to assist you in creating captivating Airbnb titles that attract guests. Additionally, we’ll showcase examples of successful Airbnb titles to inspire your own listings.

Why Do Airbnb Titles Matter?​

The importance of a captivating Airbnb title can’t be emphasized enough. It’s not just a label; it’s your property’s first hello to potential guests. In the competitive world of short-term rentals, a great Airbnb title can really make your listing shine, setting it apart from the crowd.

It helps guests find what they’re looking for faster, makes them want to click and check out your place, and sets the tone for their entire experience. Crafting the perfect Airbnb title is a blend of creativity and strategy. As a host, your aim is to create a title that grabs the attention of your target audience. A great Airbnb title should capture the essence of your vacation rental in just a few carefully chosen words.

The result: better visibility on the platform. Your title can decide if your listing gets lost in the crowd or stands out.

Great Airbnb Titles Examples​

Crafting a winning Airbnb title begins with knowing your property inside out. You’ll create a unique and catchy title when you tap into what makes your property unique and aligns with market demands.

Highlight key features and amenities that set your place apart, like a treehouse or a beach close to the property.

Great Airbnb Titles

Source: An Airbnb property in Georgia, USA, with a treehouse
Great Airbnb Titles

Source: An Airbnb property in Maryland, USA, having a bowling alley and pool

Understanding your target audience is crucial. If you’re targeting families, highlight kid-friendly attractions. If you’re in a historical city, emphasize the famous attractions nearby.

Best Airbnb Titles

Source: An Airbnb property in Dubai, UAE, highlighting the Burj Khalifa view

Keep an eye on market trends. If you’re okay with hosting remote workers, you can highlight internet connectivity and dedicated workspaces. If you’re a sustainable property, you can highlight the same for eco-tourists.

Best Airbnb Titles

Source: An Airbnb property in Dharamshala, India, highlighting its workation facilities
Best Airbnb Titles

Source: An Airbnb property in South Padre Island, Texas, with a solar roof

9 Ways to Create Catchy Airbnb Titles​

1. Use Descriptive Language​

A well-detailed and self-explanatory Airbnb title adds allure and clarity. For instance, instead of “Cozy Apartment,” try “Charming Urban Retreat with City Views” to highlight coziness and the urban setting. Likewise, for a “Beach House,” you can write “Seaside Oasis with Private Deck.” Doesn’t it paint a vivid picture of relaxation and exclusivity? Such descriptions capture attention and help potential guests visualize their ideal stay.

Best Airbnb Titles

Source: An Airbnb property in Italy describing its placement between land and sea

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2. Include Unique Selling Points​

Showing USPs in Airbnb titles increases appeal and sets listings apart. So, if your property offers some distinctive features like a terrace or a private hot tub, mention them in the title to attract guests seeking unique experiences.

Great Airbnb Titles

Source: An Airbnb property in Greece with a heated pool

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3. Mention the Location and Surroundings​

Infuse local flavor into your Airbnb title by highlighting proximity to popular tourist spots. For instance, “Victorian Charm in Historic Boston” or “Beachfront Bliss in Malibu” effectively showcase location as a key selling point, enhancing your listing’s appeal.

Catchy Airbnb title

Source: An Airbnb property in Thailand mentions its location in the title

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4. Use Keywords for Search Optimization​

Putting the right keywords in Airbnb titles improves search visibility so potential guests can find your property easily. Incorporate terms relevant to your property and location, such as “Studio Apartment” for urban seekers or “Beachfront Paradise” for those craving coastal stays. Think like a guest—what terms would they search for? Since these keywords attract the right audience, the chances of your listing being discovered and booked increase.

best  Airbnb Titles

Source: An Airbnb property in Germany with just the right keywords used in its title

5. Use Seasonal or Event-related Keywords​

Seasonal or event-related keywords for Airbnb titles capitalize on trends and thus attract relevant guests. For instance, “Ski Chalet with Hot Tub – Perfect Winter Escape” highlights winter activities, while “Festival-Ready Loft in the Heart of Downtown” targets event-goers.

Great Airbnb Titles

Source: An Airbnb property in California, USA, with a title highlighting itself to be Coachella-ready

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6. Keep Titles Concise and Engaging​

The Airbnb marketplace is crowded. For this reason, short and engaging Airbnb listing titles grab potential guest’s attention quickly. For example, instead of “Beautiful Downtown Loft Apartment with Stunning Views of the City Skyline,” opt for “Downtown Loft with City Views.” Similarly, replace “Quaint Cottage Retreat Nestled in the Woods Near a Serene Lake” with “Cozy Lakeside Cottage.”

7. Convey a Sense of Experience and Lifestyle​

You can put an experiential vibe into your Airbnb title. For example, instead of “Country Cottage” into “Rustic Retreat Surrounded by Nature.” Doesn’t it convey a serene lifestyle? This way, when you immerse guests in the anticipated experience through language, they desire the unique lifestyle your property offers, ultimately increasing its appeal.

Airbnb title

Source: An Airbnb property in Jaipur, India, with its title highlighting the rustic experiences it offers

8. Use Cultural or Local References for Added Appeal​


Source: An Airbnb property in Australia with its title having Australian cultural references like “Kookaburra” and “Down Under.”

9. Seek Inspiration from Successful Listings​

Sometimes, it’s more than just keywords and location. Analyzing what works for others can give insights into winning combinations. What’s getting bookings for others? Maybe it’s just clever wording or a dash of humor. Borrow inspiration from the pros to spice up your listing title and reel in more bookings.

Generate Great Airbnb Titles & Descriptions with PriceLabs​

Do you struggle to find the right words for your Airbnb listing?

We have introduced STRings, a ChatGPT-powered solution for crafting perfect titles and descriptions.

STRings: Airbnb Title and Description Generator
STRings: Airbnb Title and Description Generator

Tailor your content to your target audience—families, couples, groups, or all. Choose from English, French, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish, and watch as STRings crafts your ideal listing in just 30 seconds.

Your listing’s first impression is crucial. The right title and description significantly influence a potential guest’s choice. With STRings, you ensure your Airbnb stands out, attracts more guests, and boosts your booking rates.

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Key Takeaways​

Your Airbnb title sets the vibe for the entire experience. So, make it detailed, highlight what makes your place stand out, and throw in relevant keywords. Before we sign off, here are some bonus tips:

  • Update your titles now and then to stay on top of trends and keep your listing relevant.
  • Try out A/B testing to see which titles perform best with potential guests.
  • Make your listing memorable; add a compelling tagline that captures the essence of your property.

Since there is no perfect title, experiment and refine titles for best results. Invest some time, add a dash of creativity, and watch your title help your rental become a success story.

About PriceLabs​

PriceLabs is a revenue management solution for the short-term rental and hospitality industry, founded in 2014 and headquartered in Chicago, IL. Our platform helps individual hosts and hospitality professionals optimize their pricing and revenue management, adapting to changing market trends and occupancy levels.

With dynamic pricing, automation rules, and customizations, we manage pricing and minimum-stay restrictions for any portfolio size. Prices are automatically uploaded to preferred channels such as Airbnb, Vrbo, and 100+ property management systems and channel integrations.

Every day, we price over 300,000+ listings globally across 135+ countries, offering world-class tools like the Base Price Help and Minimum Stay Recommendation Engine. Choose PriceLabs to increase revenue and streamline pricing and revenue management. Sign up for a free trial at pricelabs.co today.

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