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Feb 16, 2024
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Comprising of Mercury Music Prize nominated singer/songwriter and founder member of the band, Lamb, Lou Rhodes and multi-instrumentalist and hit songwriter Rohan Heath, Kiiōtō will bring innovative offerings, deep thought and inspired musical delights to the festival.


Kiiōtō consists of former Lamb front woman Lou Rhodes, and hit songwriter Rohan Heath. The first single from Kiiōtō will be released at the end of February via Nude Records. Their debut album, As Dust We Rise, is out at the beginning of July 2024, and we can’t wait for them to bring our Nightingale stage to life as we dance among the trees once more.

Lou’s last solo record had five-star support across all the broadsheets and received great support on radio, particularly at 6 Music, where it was championed by both Mary Ann Hobbs and Lauren Laverne. Their new single, Josephine Street is out now!

Rohan, as a writer, producer and artist has consistently been involved in various world class projects, from his own group Urban Cookie Collective to A Guy Called Gerald, Eek A Mouse and Lemn Sissay, to mention but a few. Together, Rohan and Lou have produced a gem of an album that is not only super eclectic, but invites the listener to share with them a beautiful journey into love, loss and what it is to be human.


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