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Playful Woods


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Feb 16, 2024
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Exploring the Best Species for Durable and Safe Play Equipment​

Timberplay is delighted to announce its continued collaboration with Timber Festival this July. Building on the success of previous years we are bringing an all new concrete free play structure to Possible Places for festival goers to play, climb and explore!


Excitingly, this year marks the debut of our innovative concrete-less structure, offering the same exceptional opportunities for challenging play while eschewing the environmental impact associated with traditional concrete installations. This groundbreaking addition exemplifies our ongoing commitment to reviewing and enhancing our products, striving to minimize the environmental footprint in both our offerings and playgrounds.

Why Mountain Larch?

Our products are meticulously crafted at Richter Spielgeräte, situated in the alps of Bavaria, an area known for its abundance of trees and skilled craftsmen. The primary wood of choice is Mountain Larch sourced from the alps, regularly harvested as part of the region’s avalanche prevention strategy and processed at a local sawmill. Mountain Larch stands out for its exceptional strength, attributed to its slow growth in frigid conditions, resulting in dense rings and inherent durability.

In contrast to Robinia, Mountain Larch boasts a reduced likelihood of hidden rot, a factor crucial to maintaining the structural integrity of the equipment. This confidence in the suitability of Mountain Larch timbers for weight-bearing elements stems from its resilience and reliability.

In terms of timber preparation, Richter Spielgeräte employs entire timbers instead of glued sections, preserving the integral strength far better than composite alternatives. Bark and softer sap wood, prone to rot, are meticulously removed from these central timbers. The hand-finishing process, involving irregular planing, serves not only aesthetic purposes but also enhances sensory stimulation through varied surfaces.



One advantage of utilising Mountain Larch and adhering to detailed timber preparation is the inherent strength and longevity without the need for chemical preservatives or treatments. Where prudent, we apply paraffin wax atop the timbers to repel rainwater, a minimal intervention that complements our environmentally conscious approach. Regular inspections and a robust maintenance program remain essential, although instances of our untreated products performing well after over two decades are a testament to their enduring quality.

Additionally, Oak or Robinia find purpose in specific elements of our equipment, selected for their suitability to the intended functions. Oak, for instance, is chosen for ladder rungs due to its rare tendency to splinter and its soft, tactile qualities.

In essence, Timber is not merely a component of our brand name; it is an integral part of our ethos. We know wood, we love wood, and, as evidenced by our customers, wood resonates deeply with those who appreciate quality, sustainability, and the enduring beauty of nature, which is why we partner with Timber festival each year.

Find out about more about the work we do over on our website.

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