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Vol 30.2


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Feb 16, 2024
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Australian Educational Computing Vol 30.2 (2015)​

Articles in this issue.

Research Articles (Refereed/Reviewed)
Girls and Computing: Female participation in computing in Schools
Young children and screen time: Creating a mindful approach to digital technology
  • Jason Zagami
  • Marie Boden
  • Therese Keane
  • Bronwyn Moreton
  • Karsten Schulz
  • Michelle Margaret Neumann
[TD]Investigating the Effect of Distance Education system on the Computer Literacy of MA Students in Tehran University[/TD]

  • Mehran Farajollahi
  • Mohsen Keshavarz
  • Bahman Zandi
  • Mohammad Reza Sarmadi
[TD]Are we ready for BYOD? A systematic review of the implementation and communication of BYOD pograms in Australian schools[/TD]

  • Kitty Catharina Janssen
  • Sivanes Phillipson
[TD]Teacher professional conversations – the oz-Teachers story[/TD]

  • Margaret Lloyd
  • Carol Skyring
  • Shaun Nykvist
[TD]Design and Implementation of an Intelligent System to Predict the Student Graduation AGPA[/TD]

  • Sameh Ismail
  • shubair abdulla
[TD]General Articles (Non Refereed/Reviewed)[/TD]
[TD]Optimistic superseders[/TD]

  • Brendon Stewart Thomas
[TD]TASITE state report[/TD]

  • Ken Price
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